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What are the categories of cosmetic hoses

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  Today, the Xiaobian of Kanglian international trade will talk about the classification of cosmetic hoses?

  1. The hose can be divided into single-layer, double-layer and five-layer hoses with different pressure resistance, impermeability and hand feel. For example, a five layer pipe consists of an outer layer, an inner layer, two adhesive layers and a barrier layer. Features: with excellent gas barrier function, it can avoid the penetration of oxygen and odor gas, and avoid the leakage of contents, fragrance and useful components.

  2. Double layer pipe is commonly used, belonging to medium and low grade, and can also be single layer. The hose diameter is 13- 60?。 When selecting a certain diameter hose, different capacity characteristics are marked with different lengths. The capacity is adjustable from 3ml to 360ml. In order to be beautiful and harmonious, 35? With a diameter of less than 60ml is generally selected?, The diameter of 100ml and 150ml is generally 35#-45#, and the upper diameter of the hose is greater than 45#.



  3. It can be divided into round tube, elliptical tube, flat tube and super flat tube. The processing technology of flat pipe and super flat pipe is more complex than that of other pipes. It is also a new type of pipe produced in recent years, so the price is relatively expensive.

  4, the shape of hose cover is varied. It is generally divided into flat head cover, round head cover, high lid, lifting cover, super flat cover, double lid, spherical cap, lipstick lid, plastic cover, etc., and can also process various technologies, such as hot gold edge, silver edge, color cover, transparent, fuel injection, electroplating and so on. The mouth cover and the lipstick cover are generally provided with an inner plug. Hose covers are used for injection molding and hoses are used for pulling pipes. Most hose manufacturers do not produce hose covers.

  5. Some products need to be sealed after filling. Tail seal can be divided into: linear seal, twill seal, umbrella seal, star point seal and special-shaped seal. The required date code can be printed on the sealing end.

  6. The hose can be used as colorful tube, open tube, colorful or open frosted tube and pearlescent tube, and has matte and strong light. Matte looks elegant, but it's easy to get dirty. The difference between large-area printing of colorful kinescope and tube body can be judged from the tail. The white mouth is a large-area printing tube with high ink requirements, otherwise it is easy to fall and crack after folding, resulting in white marks.

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