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What are the characteristics of cosmetic packaging now

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  At present, cosmetic hose packaging mainly has the following characteristics: the so-called serial packaging design refers to the packaging design of the same category of goods based on the premise of unified trademark pattern and text font and different colors, water lines or different modeling structures. It is required that there are differences in the same, and there are similarities in the differences. It has both diversity and a sense of integrity.

  In the practical application of cosmetic hose, there are generally two situations:

  First, cosmetics with the same brand and different functions shall be packaged in complete sets to facilitate consumers' purchase, and at the same time, the overall price shall be lower than the total price purchased separately.

  For example, a series of cosmetics of a certain brand should maintain the overall design style, and then use larger containers to seal and package all kinds of cosmetics and sell them as a sales unit as a whole;



  Second, a series of cosmetics with the same brand, the same main function but different auxiliary functions, or a series of cosmetics with the same brand, the same function but different formulas.

  The packaging of personalized cosmetics must correctly convey the characteristics of cosmetics required by different consumer needs and express the aesthetic interests of different people, so as to successfully realize the sales of cosmetics.

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