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Precautions for use of cosmetic hose

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  Precautions for use of cosmetic hose



  (1) If the rubber hose is damaged, the manufacturer of hand cream hose tells you to crochet the metal wire next to the damaged ones. If the rusty rubber hose is damaged, separate the rubber product layer of the external structure and complete the routine inspection. The results show that the metal wire is Crocheted next to the damaged ones and rusty. This is mainly due to the influence of moisture in the air or corrosive irritant organics, resulting in the weakening of the tensile strength of the hose and damage under high pressure. If such a situation often occurs, it will usually be accompanied by the fracture, scratch or obvious deterioration of the plastic rubber layer of the external structure, so that the surface layer will lose its protective impact on the advanced level. For these, the premise is to detect and eliminate all bad reasons such as equipment impact on the external rubber product layer, chemical corrosion and high temperature production, and then change the rubber hose.

  (2) The reinforcing layer of the rubber hose did not rust, but the reinforcing layer often had irregular silk damage. The rubber hose was damaged and the external structural adhesive was separated. The reinforcing layer could not grow rust, but it was cut off irregularly along the dimension angle of the reinforcing layer, mainly because the rubber hose was affected by high-frequency impact force. There are many intersections between the steel wire and the steel wire of the braided reinforcing layer. If the pressure in the pipe changes greatly, these intersections will also move wrongly with the change of the pipe diameter, and friction will occur between the wires.

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