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These three principles must be referred to when choosing the packaging of cosmetics

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  The packaging of cosmetics can add value to products and create greater sales. Choosing the right cosmetic hose needs to find more innovative and cost controllable cosmetic packaging materials. The following cosmetic hose manufacturer - Yangzhou Kanglian International Trade Co., Ltd. tells you that these three principles must be referred to when choosing the packaging of cosmetics:  


  1. Professional manufacturer. Manufacturers with certain production experience in the cosmetics packaging industry can give professional opinions as soon as possible after communicating clearly with customers' specific needs. At the same time, they can also help cosmetics manufacturers in packaging design, typesetting and printing, sample proofing and other aspects, so that customers can save some worries about details.

  2. Professional production technology. Whether the cosmetic hose is beautiful enough is closely related to printing technology, overall packaging design and typesetting; It is also closely related to the treatment of some details, such as the flatness of the hose nozzle, the bright color of the pipe body, and the grinding effect of the hose tail; In terms of production technology, enough professional packaging manufacturers can pay attention to these problems in time in the production process, and will not pay attention to these problems until customers give feedback.

  3. It has two key production processes: internal spraying and tail glue. Internal spraying is actually coating a thin layer of resin on the inner wall of the whole cosmetic hose. The function of this layer of resin is to isolate the contact between the paste and the hose and avoid adverse reactions; Tail glue actually refers to the position where the opening at the tail of the hose is coated with a circle of white latex. If there is elastic latex when the offset hose is folded and sealed, it can fill the gap around the opening, enhance the tightness after filling and sealing, avoid the leakage of paste, and avoid moisture and pollutants from entering the package.

  The above is compiled and released by Yangzhou Kanglian International Trade Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of cosmetic hose. Yangzhou Kanglian International Trade Co., Ltd. (Yangzhou Kanglian plastic daily chemical Co., Ltd.) is an enterprise specializing in the production of extruded plastic pipes (PE pipes) for cosmetics, food, medicine, home, personal care and industrial product packaging. Since its establishment, Kanglian company has experienced a process of sadness and joy on the road of growth. Now it has perfect plastic pipe manufacturing technology and high-quality products, and has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. It covers an area of 4000 square meters, with a monthly production capacity of millions, a specification of 16mm - 50mm and a production capacity of 10ml - 250ml. Thanks to the trust of our customers, Kanglian has developed rapidly in recent years. We always believe that your cooperation is our success.

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